Found in over 700 stores worldwide & with headquarters split between London and Los Angeles, Varley draws inspiration from both to create collections that are highly technical in nature with an elevated yet understated aesthetic.

We pride ourselves on creating product that women will come back to time and time again. For us the form and function of each piece has to support the modern day multi-tasking lifestyle.

Impact has been at the heart of our brand development and, like threads, it can be found woven into all that we do. From supplier selection, to material usage, to informing our customers about how to care for their products to prolong their lifespan, we are conscious throughout all processes.

We are committed to constantly educating ourselves on the best ways to minimize the negative impacts of our industry on the world of today and tomorrow, while ensuring we don’t compromise on design or function. Our minimal waste policy is something we are proud of, and continue to improve each day.