Lune Active - Forest Polo Dress - Black

This tennis capsule captures the essence of traditional tennis apparel with modern twists. The innovative and sustainable materials used in the clothing provide a comfortable fit, while showcasing the classic details that make tennis attire unique. The color scheme is inspired by nature and brings a sense of vibrancy to the collections. This capsule offers a timeless and stylish look, best for any of your favorite racket sports.

The FOREST ESSENTIEL program is one of our core programs, and the soft structured fabric is a breathable, diagonally structured fabric made to feel extra soft on the skin. Viscose to create the silky touch, the cotton for the natural look, and the polyester for the durability make the composition of the style a golden combination. Get ready to hit the court with the FOREST ESSENTIEL Polo Dress.

  • $105.00
  • $140.00

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